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The TDG Bracket Winner is...

NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament - Seattle Regional Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images


That’s right. This year we do not even need to play out the games in the Final Four to declare a champion. The winner had 610 points. We have nothing for you other than the bragging rights about beating all of the supposed basketball knowers who write for the blog.

kusko_andy’s second place bracket had 590. You will all be shocked to know that very few brackets picked a single member of the Final Four.

Turning now to the far more important part of the bracket challenge, which staff member finished highest? GopherNation is gloating because he finished top of the staff in a tie for 8th place. I cannot emphasize how painful it is to deal with his gloating. He’s been so pleased all day that he delivered himself an Edible Arrangements and has been commenting on each piece of fruit. All of the staff are being required to buy bobblehead likenesses of him and display them prominently on our desks and in our vehicles.

I (Ustreet) fell from grace to finish in 13th because Texas basketball choked like its football team.

Laughing Cheerleader is laughing at Texas, and also me. Fortunately all is not lost because I still managed to beat zipsofakron and gopherguy05.