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Minnesota Basketball: 3 keys to beating #10 Wisconsin and how to watch

The Badgers make a trip to the Barn, can the Gophers get the upset?

NCAA Basketball: Iowa at Minnesota Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports

The Barn

6:00 PM



The #10 Badgers are coming to town. Can we get this rivalry win?

Wisconsin Badgers

Record: 14-4 (6-1)
KenPom Rank: 11

So Wisconsin is one of the clear-cut, top-2 teams in the Big Ten and is bringing their gaudy record to the Barn. Minnesota has struggled as of late and is trying to end a 3-game losing streak. Can they get this big win?



Attack the basket - Get to the rim and either get to the free throw line or hit the kick-out three. Earlier in the season, this team was better about getting to the free-throw line frequently. Tonight would be a great time to revive that.


Make threes - Turns out that this Wisconsin team is not particularly strong defensively. At least currently, this team’s defensive efficiency is the lowest their program has seen since 2018 when the team finished 7-11 in the conference. They rank 285th in defensive 3pt% and 259th in defensive eFG%. If we can run some offense, we can get some shots...we have to then make them.


Play with some passion - Time to get that fire back and play with some toughness and heart. Typically I cringe at these undefinable things. But this game will have some games being played within the game and the Gophers need to win those.


I cannot pick the Gophers to win this game (with my upstanding journalistic integrity and all that), but it wouldn’t be totally crazy.

The Badgers run a great offense, and this has typically been kryptonite for Minnesota. I suspect we will battle and make it a game, but the Badgers pull away late.

Minnesota - 68
Wisconsin - 75