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DarkKnight5 contributes Golden Gopher hockey and football content at The Daily Gopher. He's the writer TDG deserves: a silent guardian, a watchful protector.

Gophers Hockey: Previewing Michigan

The Wolverines are under .500 this and year and I LOVE IT.

Big Ten Football Statistics: Week 2 S&P+ Vectors

Nobody’s perfect; this mess is a place.

Big Ten Football Advanced Stats: Week 1 S&P+ Vectors

After one week of play, the stats are getting more accurate.

Big Ten Football: Preaseason SP+ Vectors

Who needs tables when you can visualize how good your team is?

Open Letter to Big Ten Hockey Boss Traviolia

The Big Ten Hockey Tournament's attendance nightmare overshadows a very entertaining hockey tournament.

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The Standard Bet Update

B1G Hockey Tourney - Case of Beer Bet

Hockey is more fun with a case of beer on the line.

Gopher Fans: Help Choose UND's New Nickname!

Some alums just want to watch the school burn.

Bulldogs Dominate Gophers in First Leg: 3-1

This game was brutally hard to watch.

Big Ten S&P+ Vectors: Week 6

We all knew there were no easy games left on the schedule. This visual confirms our bias.