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Golden Nuggets

Golden Nugz 10/22/14

Comin' at you hot!

Gameday Nugz: Minnesota v. Purdue

Some additional links for your tailgate

Golden Nugz 10/17/14

Two media outlets have earned my wrath today, and they're in a timeout.

Golden Nugz 10/15/14

Only football exists in the world today.

TDG Caption Contest: Darrell Hazell Edition

It's time for our weekly Facebook groveling! Come have some fun at Darrell Hazell's expense (as if coaching Purdue isn't bad enough!).

Gameday Nugz: Northwestern Edition

Quick reads for your tailgate

Golden Nugz 10/10/14

Lots of links with the start of the hockey season and the game against Northwestern.

Mid-week Nugz: 10/8/14

Looking for somewhere, anywhere, a person can find coverage of Northwestern. It's harder than you would think.

TDG Weekly Facebook Caption Contest

Last week, when I posted a photo of Brady Hoke for the Caption Contest, I thought I had struck gold. Keep in mind that was BEFORE the jug game and all the Shane Morris firestorm. I kind of wish I had held out with the Hoke pic for this week.

Golden Nugz 10/03/14

Fridays just aren't the same when there isn't a Gophers game to look forward to on Saturday.

Golden Nugz 10/1/14

Welcome to a brief afternoon Nugz, Gophers fans!

Golden Nugz: Little Brown Jug Edition

Additional links to get you ready for today's game.

TDG Caption Contest: Brady Hoke Edition

In the spirit of Jug Week, we bring you Michigan Coach Brady Hoke. Have at it!

Gophers Nugz

Minnesota sports news for your lunch break

Gameday Nugz

A quick summary of what others are saying about today's game

The Daily Gopher Facebook Caption Contest!

Once again, the best part of liking The Daily Gopher on Facebook is rubbing it in your Wisconsin/Iowa friend's stupid face!

TGINugz 9/19/14

The Nugz goes quick and dirty on Friday morning.

Golden Nugz 9/17: Patterson Apology, Hockey Links!

Gary Patterson sort of apologizes for his sort of insult. I sort of don't forgive him. Injury updates, hockey links! The Nugz is on fire today!

Mon Nugz Talks Injuries, Mike Eaves, And Star Wars

In other news, they're looking to film a remake of MASH in the Gophers training room.

TCU Tomorrow, Golden Nugz Today 9/12/14

TCU, Jarvis Johnson, Volleyball, College Hockey, and continuing the tuition freeze. This Nugz have EVERYTHING.

The Nugz Talks Mitch, Bball Recruiting, & More

All the best of today's links.

TDG Caption This Contest

In an effort to keep our Facebook groveling fresh, we present to you the first weekly Caption This Contest where

Golden Nugz 9/10/14: TCU is Three Days Away

We're halfway to Saturday. Let's take a look at what's happening around the world of Gophers sports on a Wednesday in Minneapolis.

Monday Nugz: Maybe Get Another Cup Of Coffee First

The news we all feared (but expected) leads off the links.

Pregame Nugz

Prior to tailgating and watching today's game, it's possible you might want to read some articles about today's game. We've got you covered.

Pregame Golden Nugz: 9/5/14

Coach Kill gets angry, how the defensive line will look tomorrow, and science makes a shocking discovery.

Facilitiesmas Nugz! Gold from the sky! 8/3/14

Is it the end of the silent phase? By definition yes. Land-O-Lakes has hung the first gilded lily on the traditional Facilitiesmas bench-press.


A win is a win is a win. The Gophers won handily against an inferior FCS team this week, like you would expect. Here are your Victory Nugz!

One Day to Glory: Golden Nugz 8/27/14

That's right, you have to suffer through one more day without football to brighten your life. But tomorrow is a different story. Spears will be broken. Shields will be splintered. A sword day! A red day! And THE SUN RISES!

Golden Nugz 8/25/14: Enemy Coverage EIU Panthers

It's gameweek! We delved deep into the internet to find local coverage of the Gophers first football opponent, the Eastern Illinois Panthers.

Golden Nugz - 8/22/14

Happy Friday everyone. One week from today, we'll be trying to recover after the Gophers' first victory of the year!

Eight Days to Kickoff: Golden Nugz 8/20/14

We're one week and one day from Gophers football. Come in for your daily dose of Gophers news, notes, links, and best of all: confirmation bias! Also, the official end of the ALS Icebucket Challenge! Great job team, we made it.


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