Minnesota vs Eastern Michigan Prediction Game Preview


Minnesota vs Eastern Michigan prediction, game preview, how to watch. Week 2, Saturday, September 9

Date: Saturday, September 9 Game Time: 7:30 ET Venue: Huntington Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, MN How To Watch: BTN 2023 Record: Minnesota (1-0), Eastern Michigan (1-0) WalesvsFiji Minnesota 31, Eastern Michigan 16 Minnesota vs Eastern Michigan Line: Minnesota -20.5, o/u: 48.5 ATS Confidence out of 5: 2.5 Minnesota vs Eastern Michigan Must See Rating (out of 5): 2

Fleck on Drake


"If you're going to teach a rivalry, you can’t use Jordan and Bird anymore. They think Jordan's the guy that makes the sneakers. You gotta use Kanye and Drake." -P.J. Fleck

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Top 25 returning Wide Receivers for 2020


A certain soon to be pro gets several mentions as well.

Upated: Gopher wrestlers Gable Steveson and Dylan Martinez held on suspicion of sexual misconduct, later released


The University of Minnesota athletics department released the following statement: "We are aware of a situation involving two of our student athletes and are in the process of gathering more information. These students have been suspended from all team activity pending further information. Federal and state law precludes any further details at this time." Update: Following their Saturday arrest, multiple media outlets are now reporting that Minnesota wrestlers Gable Steveson and Dylan Martinez have been released from jail on Tuesday. According to Rochelle Olson of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office determined no charges could be filed by today's noon deadline. Per to a statement from the attorney's office, "The 36 hours that Mr. Steveson and Mr. Martinez could be held without charges was due to expire at noon and they have been released." The statement went on to say the the investigation remains active and that they will continue to "work closely with the Minneapolis Police Department investigators and review all evidence that comes in over the next 90 days."

Gopher Basketball 2018-19 Season Highlights


The best moments from this season of Golden Gopher basketball. Which one was your favorite?

Louisville in Hot Water Again


Rick Pitino is one of the most successful college basketball coaches of all time and, as everyone already knows, he does just so happen to be the father of our current head coach. There are a lot of HOTTAKES to be made from this, but I want to break it down a bit slower. First off: what is the FBI saying? Exact quote: "In the second set of allegations, authorities say that James Gatto, on behalf of an unnamed "sportswear company," funneled "six-figure payments" to three players, who, in exchange, committed to play for particular college programs affiliated with the company. Gatto is the director of global sports marketing for Adidas. This set of charges includes a reference to a "public research university located in Kentucky." Sources have told ESPN it is the University of Louisville." Second thing: what does this mean for Louisville? Well, if this is proven to be true (and we're a LOOOOONG way from that) it could well mean Rick Pitino's career ends in disgrace with a show cause penalty on him, a death penalty for Louisville basketball, and quite possibly prison time for some people close to the program. It could also end up at the feet yet again of one of Pitino's assistants and never end up touching him personally. We've seen this before. Part 3: we've seen this before? Look, Pitino's been around a long time and, in the sordid world of college athletics, that's gonna mean a controversy at some point or another for even the best of them: North Carolina's African American Studies program, the life and works of John Calipari, hell even Coach K's Duke somehow had a player with $30,000 for jewelry. The problem with Pitino is that we just went through this less than 2 years ago with a prostitution scandal where one of his assistants took all the blame for players and recruits being given access to prostitutes in return for becoming Cardinals. In addition, because it will be mentioned by others, he's also had a sex scandal but frankly I see that as his own business. This however would take the cake, and it would be pretty hard to separate Pitino from this one. And 4: the hell does this have to do with us? The answer is please god i hope absolutely nothing. Richard is not Rick Pitino. Whether or not that's a good thing has yet to be seen. If it all feels like insinuation to even mention Richard in this, well that's because it is and I apologize for that. I don't want to cast aspersions but it is reasonable to ask questions. He was an assistant for his dad at this Louisville program earlier in his career and, by virtue of being raised by that man, it's not a massive jump to ask if Rick's anything similar. If the (incredibly well financed) Louisville program is found to have been paying players, I'm going to have a very hard time believing this just started within the last year. If we're then going back through history, it SHOULD raise questions about all the coaches and players that went through the program. To finish on 5: is this all just a shitty hot take? Yes, yes it is. For one, it's Adidas that is in hot water and the Gophers are a Nike company. Richard Pitino has spent the overwhelming majority of his professional career with very well respected and widely considered "clean" programs. Even if his dad is doing stuff under the table, Richard could very well be keeping it all above board and be if anything more horrified by this than anybody else. Time will tell. Still, something to keep an eye on.

Gopher Football Justin Juenemann Scholarship Reveal!


Gopher Football specialist Justin Juenemann learned of his scholarship in an unconventional way on August 9, 2017 with the help of Coach P.J. Fleck and a friend from the University of Minnesota Masonic Children's Hospital.