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Boca Raton Bowl—OPEN THREAD

Its a Tuesday night during finals...what else are you going to watch?

Big Ten Power Poll—Week 1

Not a lot of unexpected results in week one

Prince is Dead

The legend was 57.

TDG Bracket Championship Update

Three brackets vie for the top spot.

TDG Bracket Challenge Final Four Update

GophNYC holds the overall lead.

TDG Bracket Challenge Update

TDG hottest bracket is...Kevin?

TDG News: Recommended Comments Edition

February is the time for navel gazing.

Flip Saunders Passes Away at 60

Saunders is survived by wife, Debbie, daughters Mindy, Rachel and Kimberly and son Ryan, an assistant coach with the Timberwolves.

Ohio State-Virginia Tech Football Open Thread

For anyone who feels like talking about the game

Friday's College Football Schedule and TV Listing

How to get your football fix on the

Featured Fanshot

7 Moments That Sum Up Tim Beckman The Buffoon

You really should click through to read the whole thing, but here's some of the highlights lowlights: - The Buttscoot - Not knowing how offensive coordinators work - The Mom's Birthday mystery - Beckman math Tim Beckman, you will be missed. Well, other than the player mistreatment stuff. That was vile.

Tim Beckman Fired By Illinois

Holy crap Tim Beckman...

Featured Fanshot


ADIDAS IS A MONSTER THAT MUST BE STOPPED. What the hell is this? Who thought this was a good idea? I'm a fan of ridiculous outfits, but c'mon now. If you want to be ridiculous then buy some overalls and OWN IT. Don't wear the bikini t-shirt of overalls. I'm going to outsource the rest of my disgust to Good Bull Hunting, whose staff are dealing with the fact that Texas A&M also has these abominations: No. Shit no. Take these shirts, compress them into a giant compact ball of fabric, and ignite them in the middle of the desert. Soak these shirts with flat generic sugary soda and drop them in the rain forests to be devoured by ants. Glue each shirt together to form a gigantic trash-catching net in the Indian Ocean. Find the person who signed off on these shirts and humiliate them mercilessly until they apologize and reconsider their life's mission. Tar and feather the shirts themselves so that no one ever has to see one. Tear these shirts into shreds and dress up like a Redneck Axl Rose this Halloween. Bribe a truck driver to break down on a deserted highway near a feedlot and integrate these shirts into the literal manure that they symbolically embody or do any damn thing else with these horrifying, nut-clenching, reflux-inducing, visually toxic and shit-tastic excuses for cutesy team apparel. But don't ever buy or wear this fucking shirt. MINNESOTA MUST NEVER EVER BECOME AN ADIDAS SCHOOL. THEY WILL MAKE LUTEFISK SHIRTS. YOU KNOW THEY WILL.

Big Ten East Horoscopes

Does anyone have the karma to beat out Ohio State?

Fighting Sioux Protest: the Absence of Rationality

It's a shame that people can be so ruled by emotion that they are unable to respond rationally to this situation.

TDG Request: Help Family That Beat A Rare Cancer

This is a The Daily Gopher Red Alert! Put yourself to good use!

Featured Fanshot

Happy Holidays From Gopher Athletics

The University of Minnesota put together a fun cover of Carol of the Bells for the holidays.

Madison Square Garden To Host Big Ten Tournament

The Big 10 announced today that it had entered into a new partnership with Madison Square Garden to play the Big Ten Men's Basketball Tournament in New York City in 2018. I dislike this decision.

Poll Watching - MN Snubbed For Completing A Pass

Clearly the voters are penalizing the Gophers for having the temerity to win while completing a pass.

College Football TV Schedule - Week 4

Don't miss any of the games!

On Fallen Idols

How do we respond to the human failings of the players we cheer for?

This stream has:

The B1G Media Circus: From Chicago To Bristol

Full TDG coverage of the B1G Football media frenzy.

NCAA Approves Unlimited Free Meals

Wed Wanderings - The SOB's Are Coming To Get Us!

The Wanderings return with a story of agonizing fandom that should be familiar to TDG readers.

Linked Up - College FB Through The Blogs of Others

Now that we're all United, here's a look at 3 SB Nation college football blogs (Sunday Morning Quarterback, Off Tackle Empire, and Every Day Should Be Saturday) that are out on the interwebs delivering quality content.


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