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Gopher Football: Meme Madness Final Four - Maroon Region #1 vs #2

It's Golden-I Is Invincible vs I've Got A Fever!

Meme Madness has reached the Final Four stage. In a slight surprise to me, there were no upsets or quasi-upsets in the last round as all the top seeds advanced. Before we get to our first match-up, a quick reminder that the voting will be open until 8pm on Wednesday night.

#1 Seed - Golden-I Is Invincible!


Golden-I remained invincible by only 9 votes, defeating #5 I CAN HAZ MOAR KITTEH? 55% to 45%.

#2 Seed - I've Got A Fever

I've Got A Fever stole the champagne away from Dumb & Dumber, defeating the tuxedo wearing pair 69% - 31%.