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Minnesota to cut men’s gymnastics, men’s tennis, and men’s track and field

It’s a sad day for Gopher athletics

Minnesota Soccer: Gophers Tie For Big Ten Regular Season Championship

Its the Gophers fourth Big Ten Championship in the program’s history

Minnesota Football Releases Depth Chart for Indiana State

Injuries and carryover from targeting penalties have led to a few changes from the last two-deep

Get TDG on Apple News!

We present to you with yet another way to get your TDG fix, and this one's kind of awesome.

The Daily Gopher Rises to New Heights

We have an important announcement! We need all of you to stop what you are doing and listen! We've just made a horrifying[ly big] decision!

Fighting Sioux Protest: the Absence of Rationality

It's a shame that people can be so ruled by emotion that they are unable to respond rationally to this situation.

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Mortenson Chosen as Construction Manager for new Athletics Facilities!

The University of Minnesota Athletic Department continues to move forward in the process to being the construction on their new Athletics Village this year with the naming of M. A. Mortenson Company as the Construction Manager for the project. Mortenson is no stranger the the U having constructed several academic and medical buildings for the University in the recent years. Mortenson was also the construction manager for TCF Bank Stadium as well. In being selected by the University form a competitive field of proposals, Mortenson will be responsible for planning and executing the construction of four new buildings on the department's existing footprint at the corner of 15th Avenue Southeast and 5th Street Southeast: the Center for Excellence (home to academic, leadership and nutrition centers), the Football Performance Center, the Football Indoor Practice Facility and the Basketball Development Center. According to the University, Work on the contract will begin immediately, with Mortenson joining the University and its architectural team as they work to complete preconstruction work. Mortenson's preconstruction duties include providing expertise on cost, schedule, construction site logistics and best approach to phasing the construction of the four new buildings. When the project reaches a point where construction can begin, Mortenson's role will shift to executing the actual construction of these new facilities. Its another positive step forward in this project that will greatly improve the Gophers athletic facilities.

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's the Golden Nugz!

Golden Nugz 11/12/14

The Pitino press conference must have been an event! The Gophers stomp Iowa and look to surprise Ohio State. Gophers sweep Notre Dame, and more!

Golden Nugz 10/22/14

Comin' at you hot!

TDG Weekly Facebook Caption Contest

Last week, when I posted a photo of Brady Hoke for the Caption Contest, I thought I had struck gold. Keep in mind that was BEFORE the jug game and all the Shane Morris firestorm. I kind of wish I had held out with the Hoke pic for this week.

TDG Caption Contest: Brady Hoke Edition

In the spirit of Jug Week, we bring you Michigan Coach Brady Hoke. Have at it!

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It's.... It's so beautiful!

TCU Tomorrow, Golden Nugz Today 9/12/14

TCU, Jarvis Johnson, Volleyball, College Hockey, and continuing the tuition freeze. This Nugz have EVERYTHING.

TDG and Facebook: A Match Made In Heaven

We're one week into the football season, and we're off to a fast start here at TDG. To make sure you don't miss any of your favorite TDG Fixtures such as Models and Bottles, Charts and Chalk, the Gnomes, and the Nugz, follow us on Facebook today!

Facilitiesmas Nugz! Gold from the sky! 8/3/14

Is it the end of the silent phase? By definition yes. Land-O-Lakes has hung the first gilded lily on the traditional Facilitiesmas bench-press.

Land O'Lakes Pledges to Minnesota Athletics

A historic gift from the Arden Hills, MN company will fund the new Student Athlete Excellence Center at the heart of the new Athletic Village.

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Minnesota Gophers Basketball: Recruiting Class Moves Into National Top 20

Well, it's still early, and the Gophers still have two scholarships left for the 2015 class, so we'll see how they end up, but isn't it exciting to think of Richard Pitino having four years to mold a top-20 recruiting class? The article also notes that the class is only good for fifth in the Big Ten, but I'm pretty sure we'll take the fifth best recruiting class in the conference any day. I'm not picky!

Golden Nugz - 8/22/14

Happy Friday everyone. One week from today, we'll be trying to recover after the Gophers' first victory of the year!

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Quinn Oseland Explains His Choice of Minnesota Over Illinois

"It's a great school, Big Ten School, first of all. And second, just comfortability, I mean, our coaching staff is very familiar with their coaching staff. I hear nothing but good things about them. The comfortability really helped out and made it [Minnesota] the obvious choice." -Quinn Oseland Make sure to check out the video for more quotes!

Gophers vs. Mid-Tenn 2:30 Start Announced!

Beautiful early September weather, and a full day to get ready for an afternoon kickoff; there just might be a soul at BTN that cares about our Gophers.

Go Home Jim Delany, You're...

Our benevolent conference overlord makes an "bold" threat...

Andre McDonald Will Not Play in Gopher Bowl Game

Gophers in ESPN Bracketology With a 3-Seed

Scroll of the Sworn! - De'Niro Laster

Easily the best named recruit Jerry Kill has landed at Minnesota since Dinero Moss. Hopefully Laster is less like Dinero and more like DeNiro, Robert.

Scroll of the Sworn! - Nate Andrews

Jerry Kill keeps on dipping into the South for skill position players. This is a positive development.

Shortell To Transfer (Or Is It Defect?)

Max Shortell has decided to transfer from the University of Minnesota.

Gopher Hockey drops in latest Pairwise and Polls

After their split with Nebraska-Omaha the Gophers drop all the way to 15th in the Pairwise, and are fourth in the latest USA Today/USA Hockey Magazine Poll.

Kill Keeps Them Coming

3 star DL recruit Hendrick Ekpe has verbally committed to the Gophers!

Gophers Get Big RB Verbal

Talented 3 star RB Berkley Edwards has verbally committed to Jerry Kill and the Gophers.

The ACC Replaces Maryland with Louisville

The ACC voted this morning to add the Louisville Cardinals of the Big East to remain at 14 schools. The Cardinals will replace the Maryland Terrapins, who announced last week they're leaving for the Big Ten.

Gopher Basketball Is Ranked in the AP Poll


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