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Hate Week

Everything you need to know for Hate Week

Offensive Mistakes Doom Gophers in Loss to Badgers

HATE WEEK Q&A: Andrew Rosin from B5Q

Andrew Rosin doesn't really hate us, doesn't follow the rules, and doesn't think the Badgers defense has a weakness.

Badger Fans Better than Gopher Fans?

It's Border Battle Week which means listening to Wisconsin football fans tell us how great they are. But are they?

Just the Facts, Comparing Iowa-Minnesota-Wisconsin

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Border Battle History: The National Title Seasons

@hipstergopher is back with more historical knowledge and old-timey photos. Enjoy!

The Daily Gopher Hangout Hate Week 2.0

Border Battle Memories

Rivalry games tend to create stories. What are your best ones?

Game Day Vitals - Wisconsin

All the key information for Saturday's Border Battle in Minneapolis.

The Monday Perspective During Hate Week 2.0

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Pride of Wisconsin - Ep 1: Thong Cape Scooter Man

mnbrewer shares some HATE.

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BADger Fans: Why We Hate Your Guts

JFormo shares some of the reasons he HATES.


Hating Wisconsin is the patriotic duty of every person who has a soul.

Gophers Dominated by Iowa, Floyd Goes Back to Iowa

Gopher and Hawkeyes Battle for Floyd - OPEN THREAD

Rival Blogger Q&A: RossWB from BHGP

RossWB from BHGP answered my questions about the battle for Floyd of Rosedale and tries to get you to believe that Floyd's new found desire to listen to Taylor Swift isn't all that bad.

Just the Facts, Comparing Iowa-Minnesota-Wisconsin

Hawkeye Hoarders: Buried Alive

Hawkeye hoarding is a mental disorder marked by an obsessive need to acquire and keep things, even if the items are worthless, hazardous, or unsanitary. Thousands are Hawkeye hoarders. This is their story.

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HATE WEEK on the Homefront

Wonderfully monikered 007 Golden I explains why he, a previous native of Iowa City, finds Iowa to be so easily hateable.

Honoring the Greatness that is Iowa Football

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Gophers vs. Iowa - The History of HATE

HipsterGopher delivers another fine historical look at Gopher years gone by.

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Herky Needs Our Help!

Seriously guys, he's got Ferentz of the scrotom and it's BAD.

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For Some, Hating Iowa Is Very Personal

It's Ratigaen against the Iowa hordes.

The Monday Perspective is Nervous About Iowa

Gophers and Hawkeys Meet for Floyd of Rosedale

The iconic rivalry trophy is up for grabs in Iowa City

Featured Fanshot

Gopher Two-Deep and Injury Report for Iowa Game

Tommy Olson is out at LG, Brock Vereen is questionable, everyone else I think we all knew about.

A Minnesota win over Iowa means more this year

The game this year is about more than keeping Floyd where he belongs for a third straight year. It feels like the outcome will determine the rest of the season, even though I know that's not true. At least not necessarily.

Previewing Week 5 - Who Hates Iowa?

Time to take the HATE and go more in depth. What to expect, who to watch out for (cough...HATE...cough) on Iowa's roster (who am I kidding, we hate 'em all!), and how do the Gophers match up with Iowa.

The TDG Podcast - Iowa Hate Week

B1G conference football, a conference opponent, #HateWeek, #ProtectThePig... IT'S TIME!!!

Gopher Gameday Vitals - Iowa HATE WEEK Edition

All the details (cough...HATE...cough) you need to prepare for the Iowa game. No commentary, analysis, or any of the other brilliance you have come to expect here, just the facts (cough...HATE...cough)


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